Pennsylvania State Museum

I thought for this Saturday I would give you a painting I found at the Pennsylvania State Museum a few years ago. Anyone who has been in the eastern part of that State knows it is “Amish Country” and this folksy painting depicts it perfectly.

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania State Museum

  1. I have great respect for the Amish people. They live their lives according to their beliefs in the midst of a world that makes doing so very difficult. They go about things quietly without demanding others follow their path.


    1. I also admire them for their tenacity Bob. But, some stuff they believe is kinda silly to me and my 21st century mind. Does God really care if they drive a car or have electricity? But, there are different levels of belief depending on the sect they are part of.

      I remember buying a beautiful bed quilt from an Amish woman, who said if we had any problems call her at the number she gave us. They had a telephone in a shed out back as to not have it “in” their home as it that was forbidden. Ha.

      But their practice of shunning seems very un-God-like to me.


  2. Respecting a group of people for their commitment to a chosen set of beliefs doesn’t mean endorsing all of their tenants. I don’t see Amish missionaries roaming my neighborhood trying to convert others. They believe what they believe privately and completely. Like you, I think some of their positions on certain subjects are off-target, but they would say the same for some of what drives me. It is not my place to critique their faith, but to recognize their strength in a world that rejects most of what isn’t self-oriented. Overall, they are peaceful, family-oriented, and community-building while rejecting violence as an answer to anything. I salute that.


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