Peace, Purpose…

This post is going to be about some of the lessons I have learned about having challenges in my life. Some revelations come from my readers and some were revealed by other methods. The picture above almost entails everything that is needed to appreciate this post.

I think we all at some time in our lives wonder what is our purpose for being here? For me, that question pops up all too regularly. Maybe it is my Aspie traits, maybe something else, but it is core to my being and has troubled me since I was knee-high. In my 70+ years I have discovered that peace and purpose are somewhat linked, as are most of the other words in the graphic above. My purpose in life, especially in my senior years entails more than what I ever imagined.

Purpose in life entails a myriad of things:

  • It means living in the present and making everyday count.
  • It means having gratitude for every day my maker gives me.
  • It means constantly being part of the world community.
  • It means helping guide others with my life experiences.
  • It means having hope that humanity will win out against self-righteousness
  • It means a spiritual connection to things greater than myself.
  • It means gathering the energy necessary to make the most out of every day.
  • It means, despite my problems with social interactions, connecting to others on a personal level.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it means having kindness and empathy.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. These are the things I continue to learn in my life. Never think that what you do doesn’t matter. Many times you just don’t see or realize the effect you have on others. I have been told that dozens of times in my life and I think it is starting to sink in.

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