Saving The World Is Hard – Don’t Waste Food

According to a recent New York Times piece about one-third of all food produced and packaged for human consumption is wasted. That amounts to 1.3 billion tons per year or $680 billion. With about 10% of the world’s population chronically undernourished, that is shameful. Another way of looking at it is that the wasted food accounts for about 10% of green house gases.

Cutting back on food waste is something that each one of us can do at least to a limited degree. One unique way to do that in Finland is by shopping at “Happy Hour” markets where things that are hours away from their expiration date are sold. That idea has not yet caught on here in the US but a company called Too Good To Go in Denmark has 13 million users and contracts with 25,000 restaurants in eleven countries.

Another reason food is thrown out is because of blemishes. Over 25% of produce is thrown out for cosmetic reason. These goods are as nutritious as the perfect ones, but they can’t bring top money to those in the supply chain. And of course, the supply chain is all about the money, not saving the planet.

So, let’s close out this rather depressing post on saving the planet on a hopeful note. If enough of us bring attention to this topic the more likely it is that some young entrepreneur will take it up and start out a “Happy Hour” supermarket.

But we really don’t have to wait because, as usual, “misfits markets” are showing up on the Internet on a regular basis. here is an example:

I’m going to give you a little tag here from their website hoping that you just might try them out. Just click on the graphic above to go to their website.

That is something you can do today that will make you a member of the “Save The World” club.