Favorites Sunday – If God Is Love…

This Sunday’s Looking Back is about one of my favorite Christian books and how I viewed its message five years ago.

Five years ago I couldn’t fathom the hatred of the Tea Party but given the circumstances today, they seem like Pollyanna’s now. Perhaps the main difference between then and now is the primary source of the hatred. The largest base for the “Hater-in-chief” are Christian Evangelicals. There were hints of this group back then, but they are very much in-your-face now.

I am totally agonized by how much they have trampled the teachings of Jesus into their filthy mud. If I did that with the US flag they would scream at the top of their lungs. I won’t do that, but I do feel like screaming. I will only pray for them that they eventually see what devastating damage they are doing to the image of their founder, and come back to pledging their lives to practicing his teachings.

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