RJsCorner – My Public Journal

With my recent obsession with being more creative lately I have come to more thoroughly understand where RJsCorner fits into the scheme of my creative life. That is what this post is all about. Sort of…

I have kept a private journal most of my adult life. Believe it or not I still have some journals that were handwritten from the 1970s. That was before personal computers. I can hardly read them as they look more like chicken scratching now. I never had very good penmanship.

The e-journal I am currently using goes back to 1999. I occasionally browse it to understand how my view of the world has changed over the years. Of course there are things in that journal that I would not let anyone else see. They speak to my inner-being and not intended for other eyes.

And then there is RJsCorner. The topics I post here have drifted somewhat over the years, but one thing that continues to be the same is that I treat it as my public journal. I speak my mind on whatever topic is on top of it at the time to whoever cares to hear it. I hope that it is at least enlightening to my readers or maybe just a lesson on how not to do things. πŸ˜‹

I know, due to my Aspie traits, that many probably think I am too blunt with my words, especially on some sensitive topics. That has only increased as I grow older. But that is just how it is with me. I don’t mince words and I haven’t for most of my life.

Now, finally getting to the root of this post, I have come to recognize that RJsCorner needs to stick to a public journal format of day-to-day thoughts. To branch it out to other areas would dilute its purpose. That is the primary reason I am currently assembling other websites. I hope some of my readers here will want to see another side of me via these new sites, but if you don’t, I will understand. You only have so much time and maybe RJsCorner is enough.

It will be awhile yet before the sites are on-line but I do want to share the current header designs for them. So, here they are, maybe they will entice you visit them when they are available. If you have any thoughts about any of this stuff I would truly love to hear from you.