A Class Action Suit…

Since I am house bound through these winter months I have been watching more TV. It seems as though one commercial is from a drug manufacturer convincing you to buy their product and the next is from a lawyer wanting you to sue someone. That is what this post is all about.

The cycle of Drug commercial/ Ambulance Chasing Lawyer commercial cycle just goes on and on 24/7. If I had an Internet speed above 2 Mpbs I would ditch satellite and move entirely to streaming. But, I expect that won’t happen for a few years yet. I do hear that Amazon is getting ready to launch some satellites to provide 100 Mpbs speed or greater to even rural areas like mine, so maybe that will enable me to get finally off this commercial repeat cycle. But, that is really another story. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

The drug companies don’t have a very good reputation now and that is probably hurting their bottom line profit. So, they now spend billions to regain their creditability, if they had any to start with. They tell you that their new drug will cure your skin problem, but the fine print also tells you that it might cause your death in the process but according to them, it’s worth it. I don’t know what they will do if a left wing Democrat wins the Oval Office and then starts implementing Medicare-for-all. That will definitely cut into their profits even more. The CEOs just might have to take a much dreaded pay cut if that happens. But, here I am again I am getting off-topic.

Finally, to the lawyer stuff. Most of the commercials are about getting people to join a class-action suit for one thing or another. I see talcum power is on this list now. It seems if you bathed in it for fifty years that it might just cause cancer. These kinds of guys used to be called “ambulance chaser” but now I guess they are considered reputable. I just can’t decide which is worse, them or politicians? 🤣

Finally, yeah finally, to the actual purpose of this post! I wonder if any of these yahoos have considered a class action suit against #CO3 otherwise known as the current Oval Office occupant. I don’t think I am the only one who has serious emotional disturbance because of this guy. I’ll bet if someone made a commercial calling for people to join a class-action suit due to extreme emotional disturbance there would be at least a 100 million people sign up. But given that #CO3 is likely not worth anything like he wants us to believe, even if we did win it wouldn’t pay out but a couple of bucks per claimant and then of course the lawyers would take most of that. Maybe they are waiting to finally see his tax returns before spending the money for yet another stupid commercial.

My brain certainly does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? 😂😂😂

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