Rescuing Democracy

It’s time for me to introduce the final piece of my 2020 trilogy of projects. This one is entitled Rescuing Democracy – at the grass-roots level. That is what this post is intended to be about.

Let’ start off with the header for this new site. I put a lot of effort into my website designs and I think this one fits the bill perfectly.

Rescuing Democracy is kind of my version of the Federalist Papers that started us on the road to the country we are, or at least want in our hearts to be. I realize that I am not up to even licking the boots of the original authors, but I like them, plan to put this new blog out anonymously, so to speak. I am also hoping to get some people who read my words to add their own to this grass-roots effort. I hope some will join in on any discussions of what I and others have to say.

The frequency of these posts will depend on the participation at the site. I have several papers already in the works and will be ready soon. As with the Federalist Paper all my, and any contributing author’s contributions will be tagged as “Publius“.

This type of effort seems to be especially needed during our troubled times. We are currently in a very challenging time for our representative democracy. It is time for some basic changes in how we select our leaders and what responsibilities they will have. It’s time to look at maybe putting more power in the hands of the electorate and less inside the beltway. New ideas are needed at a grass-roots level to assure our existence as a responsible leader of the world. Lord knows they are not coming from inside the beltway of Washington DC anymore, if they ever were.

Let me know your opinions on this new endeavor and if you would like to contribute a paper to the effort. You can either post a comment here or leave a private message via the ‘Contact’ button at the head of my blog.

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