It’s Time To Just Outnumber Them…

I have been on my seemingly endless journey to understand the mind of the MAGA cult and I have come to the conclusion that they are by no means a homogeneous group. I have decided that it is useless to try to win them over with compassion, logic, or any other means. That is what this post is about.

It’s time for me to stop trying to find ways to appease the unappeasable. It is now without a doubt that they ignore reason, logic, and even morality. They proudly stand behind him with their hats a placards and cheer absolutely everything he says. It’s as though they were under some sort of trance. How can you fight that?

This is certainly not the first time in America’s history where we have been confronted by this type of thing. I read stories about how in the 1920s where the Ku Klux Klan had taken over many State governments throughout the midsection of the country. They ruled with a racist iron grip for a while.

Then there was the McCarthy years of the 1950s of which the current times are similar. The same as now, a very unstable immoral elected leader, this time a Senator from Wisconsin, struck fear in many. He claimed that communists had infiltrated all levels of government. But, in the end he never found a single one.

How did these periods end? It happened because the majority simply got tired of hearing the lies from these groups and showed their disdain in the ballot box. I’m pretty sure that is how the current times will end also.

We don’t need to coddle this group, we need to outnumber them. We need to outlast them. We need to outvote them. We need to draw a very red line in the sand and tell them “NO MORE!!”

We need to understand that there is nothing that the Current Oval Office occupant could do to shake their allegiance. The past three years of viciousness and ineptitude haven’t changed their minds. If they haven’t learned from any of this now, they never will.

It’s hard to really know just how many are in the cult, but I am quite certain that they are a minority of our citizens. Let’s outnumber them and put them alongside the other disrupters throughout our history.

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