Light vs Dark

I am an avid Star Wars fan and have seen all the existing movies several times. The idea of the “force” and the “dark side” has always fascinated me. The concept of light vs dark has many aspects. With this post I will discuss another one of them.

I came across a recent article in Psychology Today magazine that talked about the “Light Triad” In that article the dark side was defined as  the grandiosity, absence of empathy, exploitation of others, callousness, and self-importance. If that doesn’t describe the current Oval Office occupant nothing does. 🤪 But that is something for another post.

The light side is defined as humanism, or valuing the dignity of each individual; faith in humanity, or believing in the essential goodness of people, and treating people as ends in themselves. It is interesting that humanism is the first definition to be used. I have been doing a casual study of that topic over the years and have come to conclude that it has been given a bad rap by the religious community. They say it excludes God from the equation, but I kinda think it reinforces Christianity’s God by how we are all our brother’s keeper. If you ask me God and humanism meld very well together.

The article mentioned above states that psychology and the general culture have neglected the light side of human nature instead focusing on the dark side. Some say that is because the light side is one-dimensional whereas the dark side has many different aspects. I just don’t buy that…

Light side qualities open people up and foster growth through positive relationships. They enable a fulfilling life. By contrast people with dark side qualities report constant deprivation; they score high on dissatisfaction with relationships, with power, and with respect. They’re motivated by deficiency.

To me, the dark side description is a pretty good one for what is happening on our political scene and maybe even in the public in general. They say that this pandemic will change the hearts and minds of many of us. I can only hope that more of us join the force (light side) and abandon the dark side. If that were to happen it would be a much happier world wouldn’t it?

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