They Will Always Be Among You…

There is a bible verse that Jesus says “the poor will always be among you”. Some branches of Evangelicals twist that verse to downplay his command to help the poor and to be your brother’s keeper. In this post I will twist it to say that those who are self-centered and empathy deficient will always be among us. This post is what to do about that.

I would like to think that at least a big majority of us in the U.S. believe we are our brother’s keeper. We do things collectively for the greater good that might be inconvenient or even a major burden. The young person in the photo above obviously doesn’t agree. I wonder if she even realizes that wearing a mask is not for her own protection but instead protects people from her. Is she really saying that “I don’t care how many people I might infect, I won’t wear that stupid mask!”?

Yes, there will always be those kind of people like the young lady above, but what are we supposed to do about them? The first thing is to make sure that everyone knows that these folks are a distinct minority. Yeah, they might scream the loudest and get the most media attention, but they do not represent “us”.

Another thing we should do is to make sure they never again manage to put their own kind in national, or even State, leadership positions. We prevent that by getting out and voting in greater proportions than they do. When we shirk our responsibility of voting we are actually giving them more control over us. We are giving them a chance to destroy our country from within by their own stupidity.

The third thing we need to do is to make our voice heard over theirs. We simply can no longer sit back and do nothing. For every lie that they tell we must come forward with the truth. That certainly includes what is going on now with the daily “how great I am” briefings in the White House press room. I hope that young lady in the picture above eventually discovers that the world does not revolve around her.

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