You Really Never Were…

There are many around today to hypocritically claim to be pro-life. But, to them that only meant unborn babies and maybe fellow tribe members. That soapbox is where I am standing for this post.

I want to make it clear up front that I am avidly pro-life. Unlike many others my beliefs are not just limited to a very narrow band of humanity who are yet to be born. Even if that were true I certainly would not abandon them after birth to say they are now on their own. To me, those who do that are hypocrites, especially when they say that their god sees it the same way they do. Let me say it again I am pro-life in all regards. It really isn’t a burden to me say I want to protect humanity by ending bloody school shootings and to make a healthcare system that values all life including the immigrants who rush to our shores to ask for our protection.

So many who proclaim they are pro-life want to limit that stand to only gun owners and white embryos. They turn their backs and even laugh at all the others when they are at their MAGA/anti-immigrant rallies. They say they are pro-life but they never really were. It is ultimately tragic that they don’t see the fallacy of their stated beliefs but I guess that is how hypocrisy works.

I just can’t understand how they can be so narrowly focused on only the earliest stage of life and then throw everything else under the bus.

Maybe you who see things so narrowly need to rethink what you value or maybe you just need to admit who you are. You are certainly not pro-life.

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