Tearing Out My Heart For You…

I didn’t have to put this picture through any app to make it abstract as it is already in that mode. This full-size Lego statue was found in a Peoria Illinois museum last year. I have always been fascinated by how creative some folks are with these small building blocks. I have several more to show you in future posts.

2 thoughts on “Tearing Out My Heart For You…

  1. Did you happen to catch the TV show, Lego Masters, from earlier this year? What people (adults as well as kids) can do with these blocks is absolutely amazing. The creativity possible with just some simple, plastic, blocks is not to be believed.


    1. I have visited probably a dozen places around the country where large Lego creations were displayed. Some day I hope to get to the “Lego Masters” show where I can stream it. Still looking…


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