Police Brutality – It Just Makes Sense

No, I am not saying that in general police brutality is the norm across the country. I am sure that 95% of those on a police force are doing their job of serving and protecting. It is that 5% who are giving the rest of bad name and reputation. But, the other 95% are complicit in in that reputation by allowing those rouges to continue their “everyone is the enemy” tactics. That became very evident last week when three officers watched a rouge kill his “enemy”.

Now, getting to the crux of this post, I have never understood why almost all those on a police force hate IAD (Internal Affairs Department)? After all, aren’t they supposed to police the police? What is wrong with that. To me, that should be one of the most noble departments in any police force. They are responsible for finding those who should never have been hired. They get rid of the rouges before they do permanent damage to the force’s standing in the community.

If the police force don’t have any appreciation or respect for those that “serve and protect” them why should they expect it from those they serve?

It is a simple as that to me.

Every occupation has its share of those who abuse their primary purpose. If a doctor abuses his purpose his license to practice medicine is revoked. The same goes for lawyers and many other professions. It is just the nature of things that some people were wrongly hired for the intended job.

If I believe all the police shows on television, and there are a LOT of them, instead of reporting a bad cop they just ignore him. Until police officers report those who abuse their power the necessary changes needed to get respect for those who serve us in sometimes very dangerous situations will never be fully accomplished.

I want to finish this post off with a personal note. I do have a respect for those who serve and protect me but I also fear them. When I was stopped recently for “failing to signal a lane change” I worried that the person in the cruiser behind me might see me as a threat because I am deaf and didn’t do what he commanded. That scenario hasn’t happened yet but it is always in the back of my mind. Will I be killed by one of the rouges because he sees me as an enemy who didn’t follow his command?

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