Good Cop… Bad Cop

I have a friend on Facebook who has been using that media to make sure we all know that police officers are good people and protesters, especailly those who loot, are not so good. I have been tempted to get into a dialog with her but have decided that would not be a good thing for our friendship. After all, her husband used to be a police officer, so I don’t want anything that I say to her to be taken wrong. But, that doesn’t prevent me from raising the issues here.

Protesters Need To Understand That Not All Cops Are Bad Cops.

Cops need to understand That Not All Cops Are Good Cops

Yeah, it goes both ways and both groups need to acknowledge that fact. My Facebook friend especially targets looters and rightly so. Looters give the vast majority of protesters a bad image. Most often they are not there to “protest” but instead to just take advantage of the situation for their own selfish benefit. I just wish that the good protesters did something to stop those who are there to loot. I did see that happen recently but it seems to be a rare case, or at least a rarely reported case. I understand that protests are a form of mobs and everyone knows how uncontrollable those are.

The other side of the coin is that cops need to recognize that not all cops are good cops. A good cop’s foundation is to “protect & serve”. There are way too many on almost every police forces whose main thought is to get rid of the bad guys. Will a cop who stops me for a traffic violation be a “protect and serve” or a “Police the enemy” cop, we just don’t know until after the fact.

On my thirty-minute allowance of viewing the negatives of today, I saw a police chief who was saying that one of the hardest things to do is to get rid of cops who just don’t belong on the force. He said the police unions just don’t allow that! I see where the person who killed George Floyd had 17 previous complaints of excessive force but only one slap on the wrist. If this really is a turning point for police reform that issue needs to be seriously addressed.

I hope that this attention will grow to include an overhaul of our entire justice system. Almost all of us believe it is time for that to happen. But, of course all of this will have to wait until 2021. The current Oval Office occupant and his “yes” man at Justice will never allow any serious reform to happen on their watch. If by some freak accident #CO3 gets re-elected then this issue probably doesn’t matter as much as keeping our democracy from turning into a dictatorship. We are all in deep trouble if that happens.

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