Reflections In The Mirror…

It’s about time to forget the pandemic for a little while and do a post on self-reflections. I don’t know how it happened but when I look in the mirror each morning the old guy that I see looking back simply isn’t me. I didn’t get married until six months shy of my fortieth birthday, but it seems I have been married forever. My wife tells me that was when my “real” life started and since she is always right I guess I have to accept that. In that vein, I usually see myself as a mid-forties person.

One of my Aspie traits is the I just don’t do eye-contact, even with myself. So, I don’t spend much time looking in the mirror but I can’t help but see all the aging spots on my arms. I didn’t know it has a name and since I have discovered it I don’t like the name or the condition very much.

I know I am getting more forgetful as the years go by, but I refuse to even think that I am senile or have a condition with that name in it. Purpura isn’t a pleasant word either. Put them together and they are downright disgusting. šŸ˜¬

So, my skin is getting thinner and more delicate and the stuff that holds my blood vessels in their place is disappearing. How dreadful!! OK, kidding aside, it’s not really that bad but it sure is annoying.

I’m an active guy who spends a lot of time working on my almost 30-year-old truck. Over the years I have turned it into the “perfect” one-man RV. But, in the process I have had cuts and bruises over most of my body, particularly my hands and arms. Right now my left hand is almost totally red due to my Senile Purpura (ugh!). I knew I shouldn’t have done it but I tried to drill a half-inch hole in the truck chassis with pretty powerful drill. Long story short, it got away from me and smashed into my left hand. Soon thereafter a large red blot puffed up and a week later it took over all of my hand. There was no pain or loss of use, so I knew it was just my purpura ( I refuse to give it the first description). Its getting much better now but I still get my “I told you so” comments from my wife when I do these types of stupid things. She’s always right so I should listen to her more often I guess.

Getting back to the main topic to close out this post, The graphic above is from Mark Twain’s historic site in Hannibal Missouri. As soon as I read it I knew it describes my current life perfectly. I don’t think a day goes by now that I don’t see myself as that forty-ish guy I used to be. But, all the aches and pains and especially the grunts just getting out of a chair tell me otherwise. But, it sure beats the alternative doesn’t it?

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