Auto School – 1920 Style

This post originally appeared on my new blog at MyViewOfTheWorld, but since it has had some pretty dismal viewership there I decided to resurrect it here and put that blog in hiatus until I can figure out how to make it more successful. I hate to waste a good post and in my mind this is a good one. 🤪

I am always on the lookout for group photos from the past. Looking at the individual faces helps me to remember that history is about people as well as events.   It is hard to believe that so many were learning to work on cars as early as 1920. Of course the primary auto in those days was the Model T.

This photo was found at the “American Pickers” garage in Le Claire Iowa during a visit there.

Click on the picture and it will expand to a large view.

Sweeney Auto School.jpg

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