Right Brain Screaming

For the most part my life has been pretty boring. I blame that on having my right brain squashed in my learning years! The nuns who taught me in grade school concentrated on Read’n, Write’n, and rithmetic. The small rural town high school I went to had lots of stuff to do with farming but offered little else. Then there was all the engineering courses in college. My right brain, which controls much of the artsy stuff was just left to wither on the vine by that time.

It was not until my third trimester of life that my right brain came out of hiding. I have tried my best to nurture it in the twenty years since then but I think it needs more fertilizer to thrive. I guess I shoulda paid more attention in high school to fertilizer kind of stuff years ago. 🙄

When I came across the picture above, it kind of represents where I want my right brain to be.

How about you? Is your right brain thriving?

2 thoughts on “Right Brain Screaming

  1. Yes! I think this is a picture of my right brain 🙂
    I am always thinking of something art related.
    However, I can’t add numbers in my head (thank God for smartphones!). I guess we can’t have it all. I recently bought a soroban trying to improve that. Let me tell you, it’s a struggle :))


    1. Thanks, for the thoughts Lavinia. I still remember how to divide numbers, although I haven’t done it for years. Yeah, it’s a balance that is critical to a happy life.


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