Take My Wife… Please

Click to see a U-Tube Video of Henny Youngman

I’ve been married 34 years now, so I have lots of stories about my wife that I want to tell here. So, that is going to be one of the topics on “Chill Out Weekends”. It will be entitled “Take My Wife”. That might seem like a weird title? But, we are a weird couple so that makes sense. But those words do have some history that I want to tell you a little about.

Henny Youngman, who was famous for the title above was born in London England in 1906. He grew up in New York City and trained as a concert violinist but found early on that he could make people laugh with his one-liners. He did that on the stage for 40+ years and was known as the “king of one-liners”.

I don’t know about you but I love quick jokes and short stories. They lighten my day when I come across them. They probably take longer to compose than the long-drawn-out ones that never seem to come to the point. Kinda like this post is becoming…

To close out this inaugural post on “Take My Wife” I give you one of my favorites from Henny:

I walked into a store and said, “This is my wife’s birthday. I’d like to buy her a beautiful fountain pen.” The clerk winked at me and said, “A little surprise, huh?” I said, “Yes, she’s expecting a Cadillac.”

I hope I can make Lenny proud with my one-liners, or at least not be a total embarrassment. If that doesn’t work I’m pretty sure the ones I borrow from the book about him Take My Wife, Please! will give you a pleasant chuckle.

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