Symbiosis: The Art of Living Together

With this post I want to start out with a biology lesson. I kinda think that the word symbiosis will be much more common in the 21st century. After all that is the real basis for COVID-19. It is an organism that came from nature and interacts in a negative way with us humans. As the population of our planet grows and we infringe upon other organism’s space it is inevitable that more organisms are out there that will impact us in negative ways. They say the permafrost in the northern latitudes is melting. They have been frozen for thousands of years but it is known that there are organisms in that land that will likely come alive again when they are warmed up. How many of them will be future Covid-19s?

There is also another form of symbiosis known as mutualism. One of the most eerie types of this form is what happens inside each of our bodies. Like it or not there are literally millions of living organisms that take up residence in our bodies. They help us to digest our food and hundreds of other necessary things. We live because they live, and they live because we live.

OK, now let’s try to move this lesson to include human interactions

Symbiosis is a very necessary part of life. Because we often share the same space we, by necessity, must learn to live together to our mutual benefit. When you hear this phrase you probably most often think of humans coexisting with nature but symbiosis also applies to groups of humans living together. They occupy the same space so to speak. You might not think that this post is related to one recently about police brutality, but I hope to convince you otherwise.

Whether we like it or not police departments have a very essential job in our societies. They protect us from people who might want to harm us in one way or another. They also serve us by enforcing the laws that our legislatures write. When I hear the now common phrase “Defund The Police” I say to myself that would likely lead to some pretty drastic changes in our society. If they weren’t around it would be “everybody for themselves” Mad Max type world, and that is not one I care to live in.

We need police officers. But what we don’t need are the rouges that I’m sure are presently protected by police unions in every police department. Those rogues think of almost all of us as the enemy who is a threat to them. Somehow, someway we need to make sure that officers who carry a lethal weapon on the belt every day is of the “serving” mentality and properly trained to know when to use that weapon. We are seeing almost daily now that that training just isn’t there. I recently learned that to become a police officers in most of Europe it takes about 130 weeks of training. In the US it takes 19. Maybe we should learn something from our EU friends in that regard. That is, if we still have any friends left! 🥺

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