It’s About Time

Just a quick snippet of good news.

Finally, more retail establishments are requiring masks to enter their stores. Starting Monday all the stores I might visit on my weekly trip away from home are eliminating the mindless minefield of maskless people. That’s good news I couldn’t wait to share.


  1. We food shop at Walmart. For the last several weeks mask usage is probably around 90%. It is has been “required” but not enforced. This change will finally force that remaining 10% to protect others or go somewhere else. I assume (and hope) that private security guards will enforce this new directive. Store employees should not have to deal with irate or out-control people.


    1. As I mentioned in a previous post Bob, I watched a Menard’s Home Center employee escort a maskless customer out of the store. He was a big guy that seemed to enjoy his work, especially the applause he got after that event. If it did come to violence I’m sure a police officer was just moments away who could arrest the invader for assault.

      Yeah, there are those say they would rather die than have to wear a mask. That is such a stupid hill to die on isn’t it? But I’m sure intelligence is not one of those folks strong points.


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