MAGA Master Conspiracy

I always get a good chuckle when I read about conspiracy theories. In most of them they give the conspirator much more intelligence that they would ever have. In that light I am giving you my conspiracy theory on how the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) plans to change the world.

Until now I couldn’t imagine why #CO3 is so enamored with Putin. He simply refuses to believe anything bad about him. But now I have it figured out.

He said Putin’s meddling in our elections was fake news. He says that Putin put a reward on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan is totally not true. Putin started by winning an election in a democracy. Yeah, I know that it never really became a democracy but at least it tried to until the KGB agent took over. Putin can get away with almost anything because there is no one left in Russia who can challenge him. Free press is non-existent in that country. He has now decided to change the Russia’s constitution to allow him to become the permanent president. He announced the results of approving that change before the voting even started. That will fulfill the first part of the conspiracy.

It will be up to #CO3 to finish it out. From day one he has called the press the enemy of the people. He has done everything that Putin has taught him. Anyone that crosses him in any way becomes his enemy. After removing so many people from his administration that won’t fall in lock-step with him, he has no one around him to challenge what he does now.

If everything goes as he plans he will be re-elected as president and then come the change to the constitution to make him permanent. Ok, you surely get the idea about what is going on here don’t you. The overall goal is for the USA and Russia to form an alliance that will rule the world for the rest of its existence. Which would probably be at least a year or so.

The trouble with this theory is that it can happen only in the minds of these two guys. Or does it???? 😳

2 thoughts on “MAGA Master Conspiracy

  1. I am sure the thought has crossed his tiny brain, more than once.

    If all else fails, there is speculation if he loses the election he will pardon himself. The Constitution doesn’t address that issue – who would dream it is even a possibility? But, Trump knows how to play the legal system and could keep such an action tied up for years, thereby avoiding all sorts of criminal charges and penalties.

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  2. You are right Bob, he knows the weak points of the legal system. I recently read that he has a lawyer on full time just to write up his lawsuits. He does hundreds each year. They mentioned that less than 1% of his suits ever goes to trial. He only does it for intimidation and to make himself feel powerful. That’s similar to his “executive orders”. It will take the Biden administration many manpower hours just to undo all of those.

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