Going Off The Reservation…

I just need to step away from the idiocy in the Oval Office and the pandemic for a while.

Starting today I’m going “off the reservation” for probably the next month or so here at RJsCorner. What you will see during this period will sometimes be quite different from my usual posts. What you won’t see is anything to do with the incompetent in the White House or anything directly about the pandemic.

I have learned that my Aspie traits make me see life around me differently than most. I think in some ways I see it more clearly and more uniquely because of those traits. I will allow much of that to come out in this series. Some posts might seem unhinged or disjointed because that is kinda how my brain works. I think of dozens of things at the same time. I am always scribbling my thoughts down and those notes will be the source for many of this coming month.

I also got a lot on my mind about coping with my deafness and the irritating people I constantly come across that do nothing but hinder any possible communications. Throw all this stuff together with a thousand other things and I think you might find my “Off The Reservation” posts interesting and maybe a little intimidating, but at least I hope entertaining 🥴

I would like to tell you what these posts might be about but I really have no idea right now. I know I have about 50 draft posts that are always in a constant editing mode. Some have been on the shelf a long time because they don’t seem to fit RJsCorner’s expected persona. I intend to dust some of them off for this new series. I don’t know if I will be posting daily or not. Maybe more than one a day, maybe just a few a week? Who knows?

Now on to the “why”. This just seems like a good time to go off topic. It’s the “dog-days” of summer where I live, so along with the pandemic I have an unusual amount of time for bringing up new thoughts. I also need this time to just stretch my mind and harden it up for the coming vulgarity that you know who will certainly be slinging at his opponent and just about every one else in these final months.

So, starting today I will be posting things that may seem disjointed, maybe even erratic, but that is kinda the definition of “off the reservation” isn’t it? I need this time to shake the dust off my mind to ready it for the coming challenges. This election cycle will be one of the most serious topics in our country’s history and I want to take on my share both mentally and physically.


Given the first comment on this post I remembered that I didn’t explain why I chose the title of the post. I know, as I indicated on the second graphic, that it is offensive to some.

To me “Going Off the Reservation” means that I am not going to stay in the forced box that others put me in.

I have a significant percentage of Native American blood and have posted here several times about the disgraceful things the invaders of North America did to the people that were here many generations before them. I am particularly appalled about how so many in the country idolize Andrew Jackson, when in my mind he was a self-proclaimed “Indian Killer” and slave owner. He gets no respect from me.

3 thoughts on “Going Off The Reservation…

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Robert. I have a significant portion of Native American blood in me, so I am familiar with meaning behind the post. I chose it for that very reason. I am no longer a person who stays on the reservation I was forced on, but instead will post what I feel even it if is not particularly PC.

      But thanks for the warning…

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      1. Well, then, if you chose the phrase on purpose (and not to disparage anyone) AND you have Native American roots, you’re more than entitled to use your headline.

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