I Hate War!! …


I wanted to say that up front in this post. If anything shows the potential for the extinction of the human species it is war. I am a lifelong reader of history and it is obvious that most of recorded history is about one war or another. The Roman Empire didn’t start the idea of war, but they took it to an entirely new level. For them, it was about conquest, always invading countries to bring them under Rome’s rule. And it has gotten worse as each century passes.

One of my foundations in life is that every soul on this earth has inherent value. That fact seems to have been printed on my soul at birth. Every person has value and every person in this world has an inalienable right to live up to their potential if they work hard enough to make that happen. Wasting young life in senseless wars is an affront to God. He didn’t make us so that we could kill each other. Yeah, I know that according to Old Testament myth the very first family had one brother killing another over jealousy. But, that is just a story of unknown origin as far as I am concerned.

My generation’s war was Vietnam. We, supposedly went there to protect democracy, but since we ended up leaving with our tail between our legs and democracy hasn’t ceased to exist even 50 years later that was just a shadow excuse.

Then there was the Middle East wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We got into those on some very false information. Since our invasion about 300,000 Iraqis have lost their lives. Thankfully, only about 4500 of our kids have died so far compared to about 55,000 in Vietnam. But any life lost is tragic and almost always unnecessary.

Wars are just stupid and almost always fought for stupid reasons. To me, it is as simple as that.

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