Tainting The Baby Boomer Brand!

I have always been proud to call myself a Baby Boomer. In fact, I am at the head of that herd. I have always been proud that we made changes to our nation that made America a better place to live. We created massive protests to get us out of a war on the other side of the world were we simply didn’t belong. We were the generation that made the first successful push towards civil rights for all of us. We passed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) that opened up the world to a soon to be deaf person (me). We had a lot to be proud of.

But then came the second shoe and I think it has tainted the Baby Boomer brand almost beyond recognition. You don’t know it but I get almost as many hateful comments as valuable ones on this blog. It seems those who follow RJsCorner just don’t comment to any degree and that’s OK. But I did get a hateful one recently that brought on this post. I will give you a few snippets of it here.

The comment behind the hateful words was that global warming, trending fascism, the pandemic, and the destructive person in the Oval Office were all created by us Baby Boomers. She went on to say that we all deserve to die a painful death and no one from later generations will be there to help us.

As usual, I quickly pushed this comment into the trash bin, but it’s underlying message stuck in my brain because there is a hint of truth in it. The guy in the Oval Office is a Baby Boomer as are most of those in the Senate who are obstructing any kind of progress about her complaints. Then there is all the sexual harassment coming to the surface now…

Look at the world we are leaving to future generations. It is downright dreadful to contemplate the consequences of all this stuff that started with us Baby Boomer!

Maybe I should drop future references to being Baby Boomer? Yeah, we accomplished some pretty good things early on, but they seem to have been obliterated by our recent actions. Although I have seldom mentioned it, I have always been ashamed of those over 65 who are strongly supporting many of the destructive issues happening now.

I need to accept the fact that there is the Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly in every generation and to quit trying to glorify the accomplishments of my generation. Sadly, we seem to be no better than any generation that came before or after us. Shame on us for not staying strong.

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