Take My Wife – It Just Didn’t Work Out.

No, this picture is not us 😉

A couple in Hollywood got divorced. Then they got remarried. The divorce just didn’t work out.

Take My Wife, Please! – Henney Youngman’s Giant Book of Jokes

My wife and I are almost complete opposites, and we are getting worse as the years go by. Sometimes I am amazed that we are still together 34 after year! A part of the answer to that question came from a recent AARP Magazine interview of Alan Alda. He has been married to the same person for 62 years! When asked the secret to a long marriage his answer was “short memories”.

We eat, think, and live with very different priorities and that causes multiple disagreements, but we have developed the strategy of forgetting when we disagree and concentrate on where we do agree, at least at some level. I am very thankful that she sees the politics of the world somewhat I as do. I don’t think we would have survived if that weren’t so. After all, most of her clan are MAGA folks! I just couldn’t live with that!!

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