Our Independent Nature…

Some say America’s independent nature will prove to be our downfall. I can see some logic in that belief. Especially when “independent nature” become obnoxiously self-centered or even narcissist.Will these times be known as a paradigm shift or just a blip on the road to the ideal of American freedom?

It used to be, or at least I have read it, that being “American” was a nationwide thing. We took pride in our country and its acceptance of those who yearned to be with us. The epitome of that are the words enshrined on the Statue of Liberty.

America was about an idea. It was about a common bond between all its citizens. We were all in this together as a nation. We recognized that we were not a homogeneous mass of like-minded or like-colored, we were Americans.

Sadly, this idea has never been fully accomplished but it has never been lost. There have always been those who once they found America wanted to close the door and keep it for themselves. To see that all you had to do was look at the “American” treatment of Native-American, Africans bound into slavery, Asians put in camps during WWII. This American ideal is not a lie, it is a dream to one day be fully accomplished. But, given our current mindset is that even possible anymore? Will our independent nature permanently close the door of opportunity to those outside our shores and to even many of us who are here?

Has our deflection into excessive individual freedom caused us to become numb to civic mindedness? Is America about one overall idea or is that fractured beyond repair?

I pray that in 2021 we will be able to mend our currently broken ideals and put us back on the road to being the nation of our common bonds and looking out for each other? Wouldn’t that be nice?

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