Embrace Diversity

One of the primary reasons for RJsCorner is to show you that not everyone is the same. I know we all like to be with people who think as we do but it is equally important to be around people who might think differently and especially those who might see the world through a different lens of experience. For those of us who embrace learning that is a never-ending delight.

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone had the same likes, ambitions, opinions, and dreams! 🤪 Our country has always been admired for our diversity, well, at least until recently. I will admit that I grew up in a very boring vanilla world of the Midwest. Everyone around me in the 1950s was the same color and pretty much the same opinions. All the others were pushed as far into the background as possible. But, when I went off to college I left that vanilla world forever. No, I didn’t turn into a hippie liberal, I was too busy trying to earn enough money to stay in college to even have time for that. But those years did show me that the country was much more diverse than I imagined.

Most problems of any significance are solved by someone thinking about a solution that is different from the “common sense” one. Without embracing diversity solutions happen much less frequently than with it. Our diversity has proudly made us the innovators of the world. That takes someone that see things that other don’t.

I believe that most of the people who visit this blog beyond the first time are people who value diversity. Without you this blog wouldn’t likely exist. I thank you for that. Since I am deaf with some serious Aspie traits I see the world differently than most. Since I grew up in humble beginning with a narcissist mother who left when I was nine, I have likely seen the world differently than you.

Most of you don’t know that I have several other blogs about my view of the world. I am now trying to integrate them into a more cohesive group to encourage you to see another part of me that just doesn’t show here on RJsCorner. When it is ready, I hope you have the time to do a visit or two.