About Wikipedia…

I too often take one of my most valuable blogging resources for granted. So I thank them for periodically bringing that fact to my attention. That happened just now as I was preparing a post. A screen came up thanking me for my past contributions and asking if I might make another.

I still remember those days in 1970 where I as a recent college graduate started collecting my first twenty-four volume encyclopedia. Maybe that in itself deserves note here. In those days it was not unusual for supermarkets to have things that you could collect on a weekly basis. I got my first set of dishes that way and my first set of encyclopedias. If I remember right, and I probably don’t, they cost about $4 each and a new book was available each week for twenty-four weeks. Of course, I knew about the Encyclopedia Britannica but could never have imagined that I could actually afford a set. That $4 cost in 1970 is about $25 today so that still was a significant amount. 😎

Ok, getting back to the main point of this post, Wikipedia is one of my most trusted sites. Almost every search I do is first with them and then maybe to Google. Wikipedia gives a balance view on most topics. For that reason, I support them with a twice annual contribution and I hope I can convince you to do the same.

Here is an email I got from them after my contribution: