More About Starlink

A hundred years ago most people who lived in rural communities did not have either electricity or telephones. Today the same is true for reliable Internet connections. Fast Internet requires fiber-optic connections. Most living in the hinterland are like me are still relegated to that 50-year-old copper cable coming down our road sometimes bowing only a couple of feet above the ground. If you are more than 2 miles from the central office Internet is simply not available unless you are fortunate enough to have a fiber optic connection.

There have been promises for half a dozen years now by one company or another that they will finally give us something more than an agonizingly slow connection. Promises is all they have been. But that promise will soon be met at least for those who live along my country road. Starlink which is another company launched by Elon Musk has stated that its primary targets are those of us in rural areas! It’s almost too good to be true.

The graphic above says that those of us in the northern US and Canada may be just a couple of months away from 100mbps speeds. Given that AT&T currently only offers me 1.8 mbps that is a massive shift. I currently pay about $80/month for two iPhones in order to get 70 Gb of bandwidth through Consumer Cellular. That allows me to watch about 20 hours of streaming video before it is throttled down to AT&T speeds. I don’t know what Starlink will be charging, they say it will be below its competitors but even if it is $100/month it would be a bargain for me. Given that I currently pay about $200/month for AT&T Direct TV and 1mbps internet speed, that would be one-third the cost that I am now paying for a service one-hundred times faster and much more volume.

Living in the hinterland is beautiful but it comes at a cost.

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