The Most Tragic Thing About This Pandemic

I recently watched an episode of the PBS Newshour where a doctor on the front lines of this epidemic described what he thought was the most tragic thing he has faced. He said it devastates him to see whole families being sick at the same time and to have more than one of them die!

He went on the mention that there is so much tragedy that could have been totally prevented if EVERYONE wore a mask. The pandemic would have been over within three months if everyone just did the simple thing of wearing a mask. People always want simple answers to difficult problems and this is one of the few times there really was a simple solution.

It is totally tragic that #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) has politicized that simple solution. By doing that he is almost totally responsible for over 140,000 US citizens dying! How can anyone want him to continue for another four years! What would it take for those who will vote for him in the coming election to change their mindless minds? I wonder if the staunch MAGA folks who have since lost family members to this pandemic are still adoring that totally incompetent narcissist?

34 Days

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