Climate Change For Idiots

The “For Idiots” book series is very popular in the US. How that came to be, I don’t know? I can offer two alternatives and both align to my philosophical stands. One is that lazy minds just don’t want to take the time to learn a topic in any details. The other is that the Idiots books simplify things down to the bare essentials.

Ok, let’s get to the topic of Climate Change in as few words as possible.

  • The expression “500-year storm” is losing its meaning: Houston has suffered five of them in a five-year span.
  • California’s wildfires — ignited by 1,200 lightning strikes in a 72-hour span — produced the second- and third-worst blazes in state history, even without the aid of the fall’s strong Santa Ana winds.
  • The Atlantic coast has seen 10 named storms so far this season, a mark typically hit in October, and upcoming storms are projected to be twice as intense as usual, because of extremely warm ocean waters.
  • Hurricanes have done $335 billion in damage over the past three years, compared with $38.2 billion across the entire 1980s, adjusted for inflation.
  • Climate disasters of all types inflicted $807 billion in damage during the 2010s, the hottest decade on record.

Thanks for the folks at “The Week” Magazine for these vital facts.

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