A “Follower Of Jesus” Apology for MAGA Christians.

And Everyone Is Your Neighbor

I want to use the post as my official apology to the world for Evangelical Christians. I know that won’t mean much but it matters to me to apologize for this ugly group.

I am a person who has proudly proclaimed that I am a “Follower of the Teaching of Jesus”, but no longer call myself a Christian. I am inspired by his teachings of compassion, generosity, and radical hospitality. I feel it is necessary to publicly distance myself from the ugly unrepentant cruel MAGA group. I want to apologize to all the goodhearted people bearing the brunt of their invented religion. It does not come from Jesus.

I am horrified by them using Jesus’ name in vain to promote their cruel agenda. I want to remind those they are targeting that the vast majority of faithful people are horrified by what they have done to Jesus’ name. It is simply not what Jesus taught us to do. I want those who bear the brunt of their cruelty to know that I grieve along with them and it makes no sense to me either.

Plainly speaking, MAGA Christians just have no idea who Jesus is. Maybe they did once but because of their new personally made theology, their inherited racism, their anti-Science words, and especially their political tribalism, the compassion that Jesus tried to teach them has fallen on deaf ears. They have replaced his words with ones fixated on white supremacy and fear of those Jesus tried to teach them to love.

The Jesus of my Bible is nonexistent to them. It is as plain as that, and I again apologize for this abomination called MAGA.

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