The Value Of A College Education

New York Times

I want to thank Bob Lowery and his commentors over at Satisfying Retirement for giving me so many ideas for blog posts here at RJsCorner. The viewer discussion is beyond imagination for my little blog here at RJsCorner. This post is one of those topics.

Most people seem to look at a college education as to how it applies to a future job. As usual, I look at it from a different perspective. To me, college was just being part of “growing up”. It shaped my view of the world beyond what I could even have imagined. When I went off to college in 1965 it was the first time I was away from home and on my own. College opened up the world to me as I had grown up in a small racist rural community and had no idea that the world was so diverse.

I have to admit that there wasn’t much I learned in college that directly applied to the job I took after it was completed. But, that was ok as, at least for me, college gave me a worldview that I would not have imagined before those days. It primarily taught me how to think and study. College made me grow up.

Yes, the cost of college is ridiculous now. It should be free as it is in many European countries and treated as just the next step beyond “high” school which I think if very much misnamed. I am glad to see that Joe Biden is proposing just that. He wants all state funded colleges to be tuition-free for anyone who wants to attend.

I haven’t kept track that much of the folks in my high school graduation class of 1965 but I still see the glaring “stuck-in-place” mentality of many in my old class. Many who didn’t advance their education beyond those high school years are now lazy-minded MAGA folks who only parrot what they have been told. They rant about so many problems but just don’t care to try and do anything about them.

Closing this post out, as a result of my college experiences I have come to believe that everyone is entitled and should be constantly encouraged to reach their maximum potential regardless of race, economic condition, or anything else. Stopping education at high school is one of the primary reasons that MAGA exists today. Too many uneducated voters out there. Jefferson said “a democracy depends on an informed electorate” and college plays a big part of that.