Gotta Rename MAGA…

I always try to be an optimist but these last four years that is really a struggle. And then you throw in the pandemic and it became almost impossible. Almost. There are one of two possibilities of what will be happening in about four months. One is that the despicable person currently occupying the Oval Office will be gone. I don’t care how they have to do it as long as he is gone. The second possibility is that he will have four more years to destroy our democracy. I simply can’t accept that scenario, so I am going to concentrate on the first possibility for this post.

I want to, as quickly as possible forget about MAGA. Even after he is gone it would leave a very bitter memory. So, I am hereby inventing a new acronym. For any lazy minded folks who come across this post, here is the definition of an acronym. Getting back to the purpose of this paragraph,

The new name is: LML = Lazy Minded Lemmings

Of course, I got this idea originally from the cartoon above which I used in a post a while ago. LML’s think that it is intolerable that the government takes so much of their hard-earned income. The recent revelations about #CO3’s (current Oval Office occupant) income taxes just make them adore him more. Because of their lazy minds they can’t understand that we have to contribute to our country’s infrastructure and government in order to have all the things they take for granted. All they see is the money that the government steals when they look at their paycheck.

Maybe we should take away the single key on our voting terminals so that at least they need to go through the list and push each selection. Maybe we should even take away who is the Democrat or Republican on the ballot? That would make it impossible for them.

I quote Jefferson frequently here on RJsCorner that “A Democracy depends on an informed electorate”, but I think we are seeing how LML’s are proving that to be true. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see everyone have to pass the citizenship test that all immigrants have to pass to vote? Dare I predict that 90% of LMLs would probably fail.

Ok, enough of this foolishness for today. LML it is…

35 Days

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