Even If…

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I am writing this post at 5:00am after my first peek at the election results. My first thoughts are that even if Biden wins, I am very disappointed in America! In 2016, many voted for an unknown narcissist hoping to see change. Yesterday, no one had the ignorance excuse for doing the same. So many still voted for a person who has clearly shown that he is a despicable person who is intent on dividing America into two warring factions.

So, it looks like we are to the point that there are two very different Americas. How long can we go on in this mode is anyone’s guess? Is another civil war in our future?

I can’t say anymore right now, I am just too disappointed. I thought that the majority of our citizens were moral upright people who believe in truth, trust, and at least had an ounce of empathy. That illusion has now been shattered. It will continue to be an “Us vs Them” country until it isn’t a country anymore…

I am going dark here on RJsCorner until this election is finally decided. I just need time to put away my dreams of America and decide how I want to go forward. I can’t make that decision with my head so muddled…

6 thoughts on “Even If…

    1. Nor did I. I can’t help but think that the BLM riots–‘helped out’ by right wing provacateurs–helped out the fence-sitters to decide on Trump; exactly as they were meant to do. Again,I think many of those who think they are progressive stayed home rather than vote for Biden rather than Bernie. You know, the ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ crowd.

      Once again, the Republicans march in lock-step while getting Democrats together is like herding cats. I have hope, but it is sorely tempered by despair at the idiocy of so many.


  1. We are permanently split. It may take another generation to sort out this mess. Four years from now Joe will be very old, Kamala will not be a very big draw on her own and Democrats will not turn out in mass without the existential threat of Trump. Our best hope is the Republicans will not be able to put up another candidate with as much popular appeal to the right wing fringe groups.


    1. Thanks for the thought Fred. From what I have seen from this election, it really doesn’t matter who is running it will be split for years, or as you say generations to come. I just can’t fathom so many people voting for such a despicable person. He is everything I hate in a human being. And yet here he is getting millions of people who want him in the Oval Office for another four years!

      I am anxious to see the generational makeup of those who voted for him.


  2. I hear your utter frustration. You have talked about moving. Have you thought of the shore of Lake Michigan or in a condo in Hawaii? A place that more alines with your values? There are lots and lots of blue sections of the country. You could freely be comfortable that you will rarely run into people who do not agree with you. Maybe you can find a new place to cook again. Hawaii might be better since there is lots of Eastern religious practices that might make you comfortable as well.


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