In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog

Let’s face it, it seems our world has become dysfunctional of late. ☹️ Nothing gets done that really makes any difference. It’s hard to be optimistic about the future right now. I kinda think it is because we let the tail wag the dog in way too many areas. Let me give you some examples:

  • Mask Usage – There is still a significant minority of lazy minds that refuse to wear a mask to make this pandemic go away sooner. Just look at how China has handled the pandemic to see what is possible if everyone wore a mask for just a few months. Before you chime in, I realize that China is different from the US. They use their dictators to make mask mandates, but we should be able to use common sense and logic to convince everyone to do the same.
  • Gun Control – Poll after poll shows that over 80% of us favor significant gun control in this country. Yet, we let a small minority prevent even the smallest change. Of course, that minority is almost totally in the GOP camp, and that party’s leadership is unwilling to show that group that they stand for the common good. Just look at the rest of the world to see what is possible if they didn’t let this tail wag the dog.
  • Common Good – We should be able to do things that the vast majority think need to be done. We can’t because we are always afraid that a small sliver of the party is against everything.
  • Climate Change – Even those who have been the most skeptical should now be pretty much convinced that we may be doing irreparable damage to our planet. Why can’t we take this problem seriously?

You might call this “Tyranny of the Minority”. This principle applies the same for both parties. They both need to stand by their overall principles even if it offends some of their members. To close out this post let me give you a couple of examples of things that should not have happened:

  • Defund The Police – This slogan should have been strenuously denied from the start by the Democratic Party. I don’t think there is anyone who really wants to shut down our law enforcement organizations. Yes, it had a shock impact but it lost the Democrats many more votes than it might have gained.
  • Stockholm Syndrome – You might not recognize this one by its title. The graphic to the right tells you a little about it. Just because an idiot managed to kidnap the GOP doesn’t mean that the party then has to jettison its principles to back up the kidnapper! When the GOP did that in the last four years, and in doing it, they have guaranteed that I will not vote for anyone in that party again until there is a serious change.

Let’s face it neither party is really doing a very good job of representing those who elect them. They are just too busy coddling the small minorities who might tip the scale to the opposing party. In the process, they are letting the tail wag the dog aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog

  1. Stockholm Syndrome–that is perhaps the kindest explanation for the actions of so many who have been complicit in T’s actions. Cowardice and venality are closer to the truth IMO.

    As for masks? Something so common sensical should never have to be either asked or mandated. The reports from caregivers of covid patients on their deathbeds denying that they have covid–is that tragicomedy? Or just examples of ‘what goes around, comes around’?


  2. Thanks for the thoughts Marquita. I have been trying to figure these folks out for a long time now. I am currently reading two books that try to explain their actions. One is from a conservative viewpoint and the other progressive. Some interesting points are made and I will put out a post on that soon. I keep looking for that ‘silver bullet’ explanation and have come to the conclusion that there is none. I just can’t fathom how someone of sound mind and body can even begin to condone #CO3’s actions.

    It is almost comically ironic that those state who shunned masks are now the deepest parts of the pandemic. I shutter to think about what Thanksgiving and Christmas will do to the spread.


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