Cow Poop

In just one day, a cow can produce around 60 pounds of manure.  If you do the math, that adds up to be over 20,000 pounds of manure every year from just one animal!

Backhause, Tyler; Backhause, Tyler. 1,000 Random Facts Everyone Should Know

I’ve heard the fact that cows are one of the main contributors to global greenhouse gases. Methane makes up about half of the total greenhouse gases. They generate methane in two main ways: through their digestion and through their poop, otherwise known as cow pies to us rural folks.

I guess that is yet another reason to be cutting back on red meat. It’s bad for your heart and global warming. Now if I can just convince myself that veggie burgers are as good as the beef kind. 🐮

One thought on “Cow Poop

  1. Every time I read figures like those, I think there is a bit of BS involved. Kinda like the notion that only plants should be grown for human consumption because all that land used to raise animals is ‘wasted’ if it is not growing plants instead. Hmmm, Growing food plants on side hulls, on mountain range, on grasslands. To be sure, growing grains and soybeans to feed meat animals is using many calories of energy to produce meat that is not the best for us. Cattle should eat grass, with some alfalfa in the winter. IMHO Go ahead, RJ, eat your grass fed beef without guilt.


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