The 2020 Apocalypse

2020 was one hell of a year. Maybe the most stressful in my life. It felt more like an Apocalypse from a movie than real life. With the pandemic and the idiot in the Oval Office it seemed too much for a 30-year-old to bear, let alone someone like me in their mid-70s. We finally got rid of that idiot in the Oval Office yesterday so now with only one of those burdens remains, life feels MUCH better today. I will be getting my COVID-19 vaccinations in ten days so maybe it will start to look like a new Spring morning soon, instead of a horror story.

I Survived 2020

Maybe I should get a T-shirt with this across the front.

I watched President Biden take the oath of office yesterday. His speech was the exact opposite of the one given four years before. It was a speech of hope. I only pray that some MAGA folks take his words to heart and join the rest of us in dreaming of a future full of possibilities instead of one hate, fear, and division. I wish I could convince them that things will be better even with a Democrat in charge.

I especially enjoyed the poem of the new Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman who is a 22-year-old. It spoke to my heart. I hope you get a change see it. I’m sure it will be several places around the internet by now.

BTW… Here is a link to the poem you, can either watch it or read it.

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