Reigning In My Aspie Traits… Sometimes

I, like Greta Thunberg, consider many of my Aspie traits to be my “superpowers” but some of them do need to be controlled sometimes in order to get things done. I love the fact that I can sit down and totally concentrate on one particular thing and make the rest of the world simply disappear. I still do that for hours at a time, and in my single life years ago I did it sometimes for days at a time. That is what made me an exceptional programmer/app developer/database wizard during the last half of my corporate life. Of course my deafness further magnifies my Aspie trait allowing me a level of exceptional focus that only a few likely have.

The last half of my corporate life was in cubicles. Those are small half-walled rooms without office ceilings or doors. I don’t know how many times I heard my co-workers complain about all the distractions of this type office arrangement. But, I had no problems at all with them. In fact, the cozy cubicles were probably the favorite places to work during my 30-year corporate career. The current arrangement of my 9×9 ft study is patterned after a cubicle. 🥸

Total concentration in my work life was usually an asset but sometimes that meant that I missed meetings and such, or a lunch or two because I was in my own little world of 1s and 0s and had no idea of the time. One thing I developed over the years that helps me in this area is that I am a fanatical list maker. Everything I do during the day has to be on one list or another. Another thing that helps fall back into the outside world now days is my Apple Watch. I have alarms set up to tell me when it is lunch and dinner time, when to take pills and get up in the morning. I don’t know what I would do without my Apple Watch.

Being a retired application developer, I also have tools to help me with currently posting on four different blogs. If you don’t know about the rest of them click HERE to check them out. When I am now in my “total focus zone” I sometimes manage to write a half a dozen 500-word blog posts in one day! But in the middle of those posts I often have dozens of ideas for other posts. To keep them from disappearing into the far-reaches of my mind I have a database (of course I do 🤪) to quickly write them down and assign priorities on them. That list which is always on the right screen of my Mac is now over one-hundred ideas and growing! Since quite a few of my viewers here are also bloggers, maybe I need to do a post on all these tools and techniques sometimes? They might help you too.

Closing out this post on my Aspie traits, in my youth I didn’t have any idea that my challenges were that much different from others. As is typical with most Aspies, I ended up developing different techniques to deal with them over the years. I do still believe that my “TOTAL FOCUS” is one of my superpowers, but sometimes it needs to be reigned in to live in this chaotic world where you have to think about more than one thing at a time.

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