An Insatiable Appetite For Learning

Here I am in my eighth decade on this earth but I still have an insatiable appetite for learning. There is just so much I still want to know about the world and I likely don’t have the time to accomplish even a small part of my dreams in that area. But, I also love to dream about what the future will be like for those around who are just getting started. I know I won’t be here but maybe some of my words will survive me and at least give a little insight to some in the future.

One thing that separates us from the rest of the living things on this earth is that we are thinking critters. They say that even a newborn is constantly evaluating his environment to discover how it works. I know there are too many of us who just seem to shutdown so much mental activity at different different stages of their lives.

In some ways the world expects us to go into the shutdown mode after we reach our elder years. They say it’s time for us to move into a retirement home and turn over thinking to younger generations. I hope that mentality will eventually become as antiquated as “women knowing their place” is now.

I believe in the old saying that if you don’t use it you lose it, and that is NOT going to happen to me. We came into this world with a very active mind and I intend to leave it in the same state. I don’t how many days or months or years the Lord will give me but I plan on using them all to learn as much about this world as I can.


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