About This Blog

This blog is primarily about a celebration of life Outside The Mainstream.

It is about:

  • Living life on your own terms, and dealing with adversities along the way
  • Choosing your own path instead of following the herd
  • Lessons you might learn from personal stories of success and failures.
  • Thinking for yourself and finding your path
  • Being Unique, Exceptional, Extraordinary, and yes even Eccentric
  • Celebrating creativity in all its forms

It’s about living your life on your terms, not what someone else has decided for you. It is about dealing with your adversities and even making them a positive part of a fulfilling life.

Most people seem to think that the comfortable place to be is in the mainstream. I intend for this blog to show you that while it might be the more comfortable it is not nearly as satisfying and rewarding as living life with drive and direction rather than apathy.

The margins are where life happens. Sometimes the margins are forced upon us and sometimes they are chosen as our life path, either way can make life more fulfilling and interesting. Stick around and I will convince you of that fact. 😎

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