What About The Founding Fathers??

The cartoon above from ProgressiveChristianity is probably the most effective way to counter those like the previous Supreme Court Justice Scalia. He proclaimed that he always looked at the constitution as what the founding father intent was. In other words he viewed the world with 18th century eyes and ignored anything since then.

When the Constitution was written, it was law that African Americans were owned by superior white men. That might have been the norm 300+years ago. So, the intent of the founder was:

  • people of color are to always be owned by white men
  • all women are meant to serve men and have no standing in society
  • Even poor white people have no standing since they don’t own land
  • It was totally a world of absolute supremacy of rich white men.

Really?? Is this how we want our country to be today? I’m sure there are many white evangelicals who would even go back further if they had absolute power. They see their bible to confirm all the above, so of course, it was in the constitution.

Most of us and even perhaps most of the founding fathers think the constitution is a fluid document that changes with the times. Today’s version maybe should be very different from its original.

Life, liberty, and a fast internet connection… 😎 I have been dreaming of the last one for years now.

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