LOM – Herd Mentality

You are going to hear a lot from me about the topic of “Herd Mentality” here on LOM. Unfortunately, that is where most people seem to live. We are social animals, but that doesn’t mean that we should live our lives letting others think for us. Living on the margins and thinking for yourself is a much more satisfying place to be.

But, I will admit that being part of the mainstream sometimes has its advantages. Being on the margins is tiring, and sometimes it just seems not worth it. Although I often lack that trait, we all want to just be part of a group. It’s just an easy thing to do. We form alliances based on the sometimes the narrowest things such as being on the margins of society. 😎 We seek others who think the way we do.

I want to make it clear that being in the mainstream and have a herd mentality are two distinctively different things. Mainstream is just a place where we occupy the same space as many others. Herd mentality is where we go along with what we are told to think. People with a herd mentality just don’t seem to have much of a sense of self, or maybe that sense has just been brutally beaten out of them.

A case in point of herd mentality is shown in the graphic above. There are tragically so many that have been told that COVID-19 is a fake. To them there is no such thing, it is only a conspiracy to allow the government can control their lives. Don’t bother them with the facts, THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. Many will go to their grave rather than seeking the real facts.

Herd Mentality is a sad and dangerous thing.

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