A Seat At The Table…

The most terrorizing thing for many white men, and particularly evangelicals, is that everyone now is demanding a seat at the table. There are unarmed revolutions going on now in most countries of the world saying that we will no longer live invisible in the shadows of white men. Those demanding a seat at the table are a very diverse group, much like the population as a whole.

Throughout history, in almost every culture, white men have held positions of power in disproportionate, unfair and imbalanced ways. Men have always been the landowners, lawmakers and decision makers. It’s only very recently – within the last generation or two – that women and most minorities have been allowed to vote, own property and businesses, and attend college. We’ve made progress, but not enough.

Just look at most of the seats of power in today’s world, and you will see a sea of old white men deciding for everyone else. All the others are supposed to be grateful for the scrapes that fall off those many tables.

If this diverse group demanding change gets its way, decisions will be made with everyone in mind. Rich white men won’t be the only ones to decide what the minimum wage will be, they won’t be the sole deciders on how we vote or who gets a say in just about everything. This scares the hell out the ones who now controls these matters. We might finally be at the point where apartheid in all of its forms is abolished and “We the people…” as found in our three hundred-year-old Constitution will finally be realized.

We will have to start seeing the world with a multi-focused lens. Yeah, that makes things more complicated. Trying to satisfy everyone means that no one will be completely satisfied, no one will be dominant, even a white man like me. What happens when everyone has a seat at the table is a complete unknown right now, but I kinda think it will make for a much more peaceful world when it eventually happens.

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