A Defining Moment

Yesterday’s conviction in the Floyd George murder trial was a defining moment where justice was finally served. Hopefully, it will result in implementing tragically needed change in it the way our police forces are arranged

  • We will no longer allow rogues to invade police departments and if they get in they will quickly be removed.
  • We will require more than 19 weeks training before you can serve as a police officer.
  • We will remove as the first weapon of choice a deadly gun. It should be the last thing to be considered.

I pray we learn these lessons now, so as not to let this moment pass.

2 thoughts on “A Defining Moment

  1. I don’t know if this would work but here is one of my ideas. I would like to see someone like the FBI take over all police training nationally. There would be regional training centers. Every new law enforcement officer in the country would have to go through the centers. All methods of restraint, escalation and de-escalation would be uniform across the country. We could have extensive mental and emotional evaluation done throughout the training period. If you were found to be unfit in one of these centers there would be no opportunity to apply for another law enforcement job anywhere in the country. Records of all police nationally would be kept here. No getting fired in one location and becoming an officer in a smaller area later. State and Federal grants would be available to help smaller communities pay for their training. Get rid of all the endless variations from one police department to the next. I know this would drive the states’ rights folk’s nuts. If we wait for all states to fix this on their own we will still be talking about it 100 years from now.
    A sidebar to this is we need to look into severely restraining police unions and civil service rules that make it almost impossible in many instances to properly discipline and remove unfit officers.
    I am not in favor of de-funding the police. I am in favor of properly trained officers treating everyone equally anywhere in this country.


    1. Some good ideas there Fred. If we are really ever going to be “United” it will take nationalizing our agencies and processes. The trouble with that is that there are still too many who think their “freedom”, whatever that is, is more important. I liked the comment that “if you want to see what universal healthcare would be like, just look at the current vaccine process”. Once we got the idiot out of office it will have only taken four months to pretty much get everyone except the lazy minded proudly ignorant vaccinated who still praise him.


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