It’s Great To Be On The Other Side Of The Vaccine, But…

I celebrate the fact that I got my second shot of the vaccine over a month ago. But, if you listen to all the “experts” they say nothing changes, yet…” We can’t celebrate until the rest of us are there also. That’s fine with me but I would like to be able to see when that is. I assume when everyone is eligible for the vaccine will start that clock counting. Everywhere I see, there is no one giving us even a future hope of getting back to normal.

When everyone is eligible but up to 40% of us refuse the vaccine due to one reason or another, what effect will that have. As far as I am concerned we need to open everything back up and put the anti-vaxxers on their own. If they choose to get it and maybe die, it is up to them. But, I do understand that if we don’t reach herd immunity soon the virus just might morph into something that the current vaccine doesn’t protect us from. Then I guess we start all over again because of them.

I kinda think we should make it as uncomfortable as possible for the nay-sayers to refuse the vaccine. They can choose to not be vaccinated but if they do their jobs may well disappear. It’s as simple as that to me…

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