Scribbling On The Margins

I am a scribbler on the margins. The body of the first draft of any post here seldom gets through without some serious corrective scribbles on the margins, at least the e-margins. I don’t use much paper anymore, so maybe I should call it virtual scribbling.

Pueblo Art

Lately, I have been trying my hand as actual scribbling and doodling and have discovered that at least in my mind it is a more rigid thing than I have imagined. I’m sure the artists don’t call it that but some of my favorite art in this venue are from the many pueblos found in Santa Fe New Mexico. I’m sure they don’t call them scribbles, so I hope they pardon me doing that. Maybe I should call it organized scribbling? 🥸

Scribbling at that level takes a lot of discipline. It is not as random as it looks, but it is definitely on the margins. I love the bold colors of Adobe art. The reds and oranges speak to me. They are abstract enough to draw me in me but realistic enough to get the message of the artist.

I know I have to begin my version of doodling/scribbling at a beginner level, but I think my Aspie mind with enough practice can make me pretty good at it. So with this post, I am committing to become at least as some level an accomplished doodler. I know it will take time and much practice. To that end I will be bringing up a new page here that will show you my progress. I want to entitle my version as organized chaos. Organized as that is how I demand my life to be. Chaos because that is how I live my life, or at least try to. Always pushing the limits.

Organized Chaos Doodling

That describes me, or at least what I want to be

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