A Walden Pond Resolution For May Day…


First of all, Happy May Day! May is definitely my favorite month of the year. Spring is going full speed, and things are coming to life after a dreary winter.

I have been wanting to do this for months now, but I am so intertwined with the Internet that it seems impossible. I put my last finishing touches on this post last night and set it to be published today. Starting this May Day, I am boycotting any Internet connection for the next week, and that includes posting here on RJsCorner!

I know Thoreau spent about two years in isolation at Walden Pond, but that was centuries ago. Today, just going without the latest news for a few hours seems like eternity to me. 🙄 Even though I am hanging on to the Internet by a very slow 2Mps speed going without even that will be a challenge for me. I have always been a news junky, especially in my retirement years.

But I do have to admit that the Internet is not going away entirely. My wife and I are hooked on British TV, so we will stream some of those this week. But, I will shun anything resembling news.

This coming week I am going to spend 3 days in a State Park in my µRV. I spent much of last year making changes to it, so I am anxious to see how they worked out. I will be working on future posts but will not be releasing any until next Saturday.

I’ll let you know then how this week went. I am hoping it will be somewhat of an epiphany for me and I will do it several times a year. Who know??

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