It’s Time For A Divorce

Legal gavel on top of divorce papers

There is so much of the Old Testament that still drives many versions of Christianity, especially among White Evangelicals. They seem to be fixated on the wrath of God rather than the love of Jesus. The vast majority of the source of that wrath comes from the Old Testament. It’s time for a new version of Christianity that focuses totally on the words of Jesus.

The Bible is approximately 77% Old Testament and 23% New Testament. The Old Testament began with the books of Moses about 1,200 to 1,300 B.C. and reaches to Malachi about 445 B.C. for a total of about 750–850 years. The New Testament covers about 60-65 years.

Let’s face it, the Old Testament is basically a history book at best and is most likely really a book of fables and myths passed down for many generations before becoming part of the Biblical text. If we really thought that a book of fables is so important to our spiritual life, then why didn’t Christianity create a book of that type of their own?

The Old Testament is useful in sometimes understanding how we got here, but to me, it is really no more than a distant side note to Christian belief. We should start treating it as such and push it out of the same status as New Testament text.

Maybe, we should try to accumulate documents similar to Old Testament text that covers the 2,000 years since Christianity’s founding? Let’s learn how Christianity has evolved in these past 2,000 years.