Good God / Vengeful God…

I am going to get back on my Old vs New Testament soapbox for this Sunday, but first I want to bring up some interesting statistics that I recently discovered.

For the first time since data has been taken, less than half of US citizens proclaim to belong to a religious congregation.

Of course, one of the primary reasons is likely MAGA/White Evangelicals. A big majority of younger generations are abandoning religion in all its forms. They see hypocrisy rather than love in today’s churches and find no place in their heart for it.

White Evangelicals are doing so much damage to the name of Jesus that it just might not survive long-term. They have taken the Bible and it many vengeful Old Testaments quotes and turned their version of Christianity into a political cult.

Of course, Gene Robinson is not one of those. Instead, he is from the progressive wing of Christianity that is growing daily. I am finding that I am also in that group.

One of my main antagonists over the years at RJsCorner asked me where I can go to get away from white Evangelicals and Lazy minded/proudly ignorant people. She assumed that there was one place where all we “ultra progressives” congregate. I didn’t answer her on that post, but I will try to do so here.

Progressive Christians, who cling to the words of Jesus as our primary source of how to live on this earth, are not on a crusade to the promised land. We are in every part of the country. I will admit that I don’t particularly like the people in my county who voted 80% for a despicable narcissist and the same 80% who refuse the Covid-19 vaccine. But, if I just go to the next county over which is about 25 miles east those numbers reverse. So, my pilgrimage would be a short one indeed.

20+ years ago when we were looking for the “rest of our life” home, all the many folks giving advice of places to retire suggested a college town. We pretty much ignored that, to our own peril it seems, and chose a very rural low-income community instead. It so happens that the town 25 miles east is a college town.

I don’t want to close out this post with the feeling that I hate everyone in my county. That is far from the truth. There are a lot of folks who I get along with very well. I will miss them when I leave here.

If only we could get back to the “Love of Jesus” rather than the vengeance of the Old Testament, the world and even my county would be a much better place.

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